Before the Spellplague

The eladrin lands share tenuous grasp with the material plane, some say that they in fact are not a part of this world at all, but merely an extension of the feywild. The ” land beyond mountains” is dotted by traditional eladrin towers, made of rare stone and woods. The largest of these is a natural formation, Adama’s Tooth, an enormous stone monolith growing like a terrible fanged incisor growing from the soft earth around it. While individual mages holed up in their towers might be receptive to sharing their secrets with noneladrin, as a rule the united lands of the towersgaude are not friendly to strangers, and are especially cold to elves, drow, and half elves who are seen as blood traitors to the pure fey line. Eladrin from this area spend nearly 40 years in Arcane education. School culture here is everything, from the Cerulean Academy (for students of low class and thin funds) and the Misty Grass College (for parents who’s children deserve only the best), and intensive rivalries develop and last extremely long lifetimes.

2 Months after the Spellplague

Visitors to Towersgaude are no longer received. They never find their way through the foot hills of the ironspines onto the icy tundras of Towersgaude. The eladrin of Towersgaude have unified, education be damned, to rediscover the mortal connection to the arcane, and are so far making tremendous strides. Those master wizards who survived, and retained their sanity, are lucky now to be able to float a pencil.

Playable races : Eladrin, sometimes Gnomes


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