The Three-Sevens

The Division of Magicks

Magic as it has been understood is broken into the three sevens. Natural magic is the ability to control the elemental building blocks as they have been made. One does not alter them, merely manipulates them as they exist. The Corpus Arcane is the ability to manipulate a living a being. While all creatures and things are bound by and to the weave, they do not all engage with it, allowing some things to be magically altered (ie changing a dog into an onyx statue). This branch of magic also allows for domination of a creature or thing. The final seven, Aplos Metaksi is the most difficult and dangerous, often used in very small ways or in conjunction with other types of magic as it involves the temporary control of a portion of the weave itself. It begins with changing only the perception of the weave (illusion) and progresses to creating holes and folds in larger swathes of the weave.

Utilization Examples

Magic is often combined across categories. The city of Vasch is famous for, among many things, its transportation system. Earth was molded to create cars, and then the cars were infused with fire for propulsion and set upon consistently fed streams of water . Stations were infused with force magic to slow and stop the cars as the approached, and the tunnels were shadowed while the cars were illuminated to counter passengers becoming sick due to the motion.

It can also be far more dangerous. A powerful sorcerer might infuse a cage with wards against the Three Sevens, he might then take control of an opponent’s spirit, and using the powers of diffusion separate the soul of his opponent from the body, and contain it in the jar. The body, without the soul, dies and the soul lives on, trapped and unable to enter the shadow fell or the fields of Illyria, angering the gods themselves.

Natural Magicks Corpus Arcane Aplos Metaksi
Water Transfiguration Illusion
Fire Infusion Radiant
Wind Prognostication Shadow
Thunder Poison Force
Lightning Blood Diffusive
Earth Necromancy Conjuration
Plant Animus Portal

The Three-Sevens

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