The marriage of Magic and Faith

The Marriage of Magic and Faith

In our world as history progressed, we put our stock in science and faith, two disparate ideas that yielded cultural and technological success. On Callilay, and its sister continents, Hark, Fiateq, and the Inhospitable Southlands, magic and faith developed side by side. While Science and faith have often been at odds, magic and faith are kindred spirits so to speak allowing for a faster, if more uncontrollable evolution.

Imagine if Archimedes attributed his bathtub discovers not to buoyancy and density but to the Arcane principles of water and the favor of Melora? What if Galileo and Newton studied the intricacies of Arcane Force, and the primal spirits? Darwin rode the beagle into new territories and his findings categorized natural transmogrification over time and his theories supplied the magics necessary to create new and terrifying creatures of war. Ben Franklin didn’t harness electricity but merely observed and wrote spells to create lightning itself. Samuel Morse Harnessed the power thunder to send vibrating signals over long distances. Heisenberg and Einstein worked with the very fabric of reality finding ways to allow poison into the weave itself, to change it in ways they could never hope to control. Thus Magic and Faith developed in Callilay and her sisters. That is until the day of Mystra’s murder.

When Shar convinced Cyric to murder Mystra, the Goddess of Magic, the bounds of magic grew limitless, wild, uncontrolled destructive and the reverberations were felt not only throughout the spheres but across universes dimensions, into the depths of the astral sea, through the very chains that bind Therazidun, across the portals of Sigil and back.

The marriage of Magic and Faith

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