The Land bridge

Before the Spellplague

Craggy rock, mountainous terrain, scrubby plantlife. Nothing much grows or thrives on the land bridge, a set of high cliffs connecting the majority of the continent to the land occupied by the country Giles. It is marked by a thin piece of land occupied by Giles though not part of the empire, called Thesk’s Pass. This trading post marks the only point of contact between merchants of the continent and the closed off Giles. Some tribes of people live in small groups on the inhospitable land bridge, but they too are closed off from the world, quiet and mostly content to the difficult life of root farming in the crags.

After the Spellplague

With Giles gone the land bridge connects to nothing, leaving few reasons to travel its ill kept and dangerous roads. However, the plague did change the land enough to deepe and widen the wet holes in the earth. It would seem that the spellplague blew itself out here as it took Giles elsewhere. Minimal digging in the sandy soil yields stashes of pure residuum, making the land a hotspot for new treasure hunters to visit, though these might only be rumors to send adventurers far out of their way on a wild goose chase.

Notable feature: The everstorm from the points furthest west on the Land bridge, or the tallest buildings at Thesk’s post, one can observe a storm enormously tall though contained over a huge whirpool just off the coast. The storm has not stopped since the Eve of ornate Fire and seems to be constantly replenishing the water drained by the whirlpool.

Playable races: half Orcs, human, gnome, Halfling, githzerai, shardmind

The Land bridge

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