The Ironspine Mountains

Before the Spellplague

This long range of craggy peaks in the Northwest of the continent was excavated long ago into Dwarven vaults. These fortified cities served as tremendously safe bastions against the intrepid and violent elves of the Vulture’s Tract however the carved passages deep under the mountain, supposedly safe from interlopers proved easily taken ground by Fomorians of the Underdark, who above all things valued the magicks being discovered by the surface dwellers and seeking slave labor to dig for their own stores of magical components. They had successfully enslaved a race of gnome to produce magical weapons, but the gnomes were ineffective at mining the ore and natural residuum to produce the weaponry. For 300 years the Dwarves of the Sarphil, Haas and Vendt Clans have been trying to evade capture, rescue their brethren across tribal lines, and throw off the yoke of Fomorian oppression. The Dwarves, martial and fearful of magic as it was being developed stood little chance of achieving their goals, and freedom. Above the Dwarven vaults Goliaths herd sheep and goats across the lower peaks, hunting more dangerous prey into the higher ranges. They often traded with Dwarves but following the Fomorian invasion they shied away fearing assault by the Underdark marauders.

Two Months following the Spellplague

Losing their connection to the weave proved devastating to the Fomorians. While they possessed magically infused weaponry, the spellplague plunged them into civil war as the war chiefs died and the most powerful Fomorians in line lost focus on maintaining their Dwarven holdings in favor of vying for domination. The unified Dwarves tribes, led by Traigo D’la Mountaigne, are making tremendous headway in taking back the Ironspines and have begun sowing the seeds of resistance among the gnomes and reestablishing relations with the Goliaths, though mistrust of the Fairweather friends runs rampant among the tribes. The Goliath have established trade with the Elves to the north in Towersgaude and to the south in The Vulture’s Tract, and have urged the Dwarves to attempt to ally with the Elves as well.

Playable races typically originating in this area: Dwarves, Gnomes, Shardmind, Goliaths, Drow Mul

The Ironspine Mountains

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