The Hinterlands and Thurin's Post

Before the SpellPlague

The Hinterlands are said the be Elven holdings, they are bound by the forest in the Southwest of the continent and further west to the coast they enclose a host of oceanic coastal villages surrounding the Bay of Scythes. The largest of these villages is Thurin’s Post, a small city founded by the Cresting Wave, a sea faring order of Melora. The members of the Order take a twenty year vow to never touch foot to solid land. Those that break the vow are left in town at Thurin’s Post and often serve as mediators between the monks and the merchants in town.

2 Months after the SpellPlague

The forest that boarders the coast towns has grown. Where once it wasa boarder preventing haverhold from expanding and taking control of the towns, it is now an oppressive wall, preventing the citizens of the coast from maintaining contact and trade with the farmers of the Rivers’ Beds. The elves that supposedly dominated the forest have not been seen since the plague, but it does not mean that they are gone.

Playable Races: All, Primal races are more heavily encountered here, Wilden are common in the forests

The Hinterlands and Thurin's Post

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