The Cracked Empire

Before the Spellplague

It is said that this Island Nation was once a part of the mainland and connected the peninsulas of Aramad with the Northern territories of Arreve, transforming the Bay of Faerun into a sea. It is said the people angered or pleased the gods, depending on the teller, and their nation was annexed and became seven small islands in the sea. The islands prove ideal hideaways for pirates, and people looking to stow away secrets. It is said that Vecna, the god of secrets has a hidden crypt on an unknown island in the range, where he hides earth bound secrets. They are ungoverned, and generally poorly inhabited. The people on them are considered as going, and unconcerned with the political and magical issues affecting the mainland.

2 months after the spellplague
At the moment the plague hit, the islands became even further removed. There forms shifted and melted so that they now resemble perfect cylinders of varying depth. The cylinders float above the Western Sea so that their perfectly smooth rocky undersides are hundreds of feet from the surface of the sea. Were airships still a viable way to travel, they might be accessible, but for now they remain ever isolated from the rest of the world.

Playable Races: Any, though Kenku and Genasi were easily the most populace on the islands.

The Cracked Empire

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