Before the Spellplague

Often heralded as the birthplace of magic, Rhytet sits at the most southeast corner of Callilay. The land itself is sparse, it’s terrain includes sandy beaches, never developed as ports, volcanic hills, and tropical plant life. It had often been said that Rhytet shared little with this world. Like towersgaude to the North it feels distinctly apparent from the prime material world, lending credence to the beliefs of Haverhold, the dwarven clans, and the people of Giles that magic should be assumed to exist, but not be put to use, for its true connection to the world cannot be understood. Rhytet, possesses no developed cities, merely small ways station towns comprised of not much more than a tavern and occasionally a grange. Rhytet should have proven especially easy pickings for the thraces of Panachel, but there was never an accord to attempt to conquer it.

2 Months after the Spellplague

Rhytet is a darker place now. Few visitors leave to tell the tale of their journey across the coastal towns. The people seemed changed. While always quiet, and averse to interlopers now the people seem outlandish, as the land itself once had. It is said that the machinations of these people led to the Eve of Ornate fire. People claim that the spellplague was a failed attempt by Rhytetians to plunge our world into another.

Playable Races: Humans, Changeling, Shade, kalashtar, Vryloka, Shadar-kai, Revenants


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