Before the Spellplague

Magic was never so well embraced anywhere as in the country of Panachel and the city of Vasch. As magical arts poured forth from its eastern neighbor Rhytet, it passed through Panachel’s central city before arriving anywhere else in Callilay. As a result Vasch is the truest thing to a seat of power for the magical elite of the continent. It is a true magocracy. It is ruled by the 21 Thraces. Each Thrace represents a different aspect of the Three Sevens. To become a Thrace, one must defeat the previous Thrace using only one magical Aspect. The Thrace of Poison must be eliminated by his successor using only a poison. Well, not only a poison. Alliances and enemies are easily won and lost in the climate of frequent assassinations at the hand of students of the craft. Thraces often lock themselves away in hidden fortified homes to prevent the end of their reign and life. The 21 thraces only meet together as a whole if four thraces from each branch of magic calls for the concourse. To do so is difficult, and almost certainly a death sentence for a Thrace.

The country is regularly warring with Arreve who seek to control not only trade in the area but also the influx of new magical technique. Panchel’s thraces rule from Vasch, the Seat of Transcendent Power. The city is situated upon a volcanic lake surrounded by seven inactive volcanoes that retain only a dwindling heat. It is said that this lake was created during the Dawn War and the volcanoes were a teleportation circle for the gods’ warriors. Vasch is a complex and large metropolis, the only city in panachel, and the only on the continent. There is virtually no settlement outside of the enormous city, instead the fertile land is used as a buffer to Arreve and an open and expansive laboratory for testing newer and more impressive magical acts.

2 Months after the Spellplague

Vasch does host a non magical populace of merchants familiar with the arts but unable or unwilling to participate in there practice. As such, when the plague hit, there were terrified survivors holding out in their Inn rooms and homes. They had good reason to huddle in the darkness. All of Vasch was lit and controlled by the magic of the now dead thraces. And undead roamed the streets. It seemed that only one thrace survived the onslaught of the Eve of Ornate Fire, the thrace of necromancy, a lich known as Orius Yls who maintained not only his unlife, but the power he exerted over the undead army he had commanded against Arreve. He rules the city now as a tyrant. It is said that a revolutionary force is growing in the sewers and tram tunnels of the city’s labyrinthine underground

Any, though the city drew the more magically inclined races


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