Before the Spellplague:

The city and country of Havehold are ruled by King Jire, a human who has long been mistrustful of magic. His city has raised and maintained the last martial army on the continent to hold back the forces of Arreve and Panachel. Were it not for the necessary defense of their lands, Haverhold stands in prime position to take control and colonize the Hinterlands and the River Beds. The people of Haverhold despise magic, and mistrust its gifts, and for good reason, they are assaulted on all sides by magical forces and see themselves as protectors of the simple farmer, who wants only to grow his food and survive on his land.

2 Months after the Spellplague

Haverhold was mostly unaffected by the destruction of the spellplague. The citizens watched in fear and joy as the sky opened up and struck revengance against the dangers of magic. They cheered as the floating sky navy of Arreve was struck through with lightning in the shape of swoards and fingers, and the sky dropped terrible chunks of earth on the heathen town of Bedlam.

Now Jire stands to do what he never could before. He has already taken the mainland territories of Arreve into Haverhold control, slaughtering any remaining users of magic, for the protection of the citizens who were spared because they were unaffiliated with the arts which belong to the gods, not man.

Playable races: Human


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