Before the Spellplague

Giles was a cut off country despite its duel capitals, Heche and Renovamon, being so close to the coast of the Hinterlands. The country is a host of ciy peaks and warm valleys. Its populace are quiet farmer, devoted to the gods that help them provide for their families. While they have slowly introuduced the magic of the south and the east into their lives, the people of Giles remained wary of using magic for worldy gain. They relied on honor and swordsmanship to protect their coasts and enforce their seclusion from the nearby Bael Tureth.

It seems that among every country, Giles had the most reason to fear the spellplague, for they, one might argue, paid its highest price.

2 Months after the Spellplague

Giles ceases to exist. There appear to be no survivors of the country. The landmass upon which the continent sat is gone, and off the coast where the center of the country might have sat is the Everstorm, a hurricane, enormously tall though contained over a huge whirpool just off the coast. The storm has not stopped since the Eve of ornate Fire and seems to be constantly replenishing the water drained by the whirlpool.

Playable Races: All, though they must have been outside of the country to have survived the spellplague


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