Bael Tureth

Before the spellplague

For as long as anyone can remember, Arkhosia and Bael Tureth have been at war over the most lurcartive territory on the continent, the land surrounding the lake Fiat. Thousands of years ago, the populace of Bael Tureth agreed to a pact with creatures from the nine hells. Thus the tiefling race was born. The Tieflings were among the first to discover and use magic offensively, second only to Panachel, if anyone. The tieflings are said to constantly be channeling magic through their bodies at all time, even if that magic is borrowed from devils a thousand years ago.

2 Months after the Spellplague

This is perhaps the reason that Bael Tureth is a ghost town following the plague. For weeks, anyone who found their way into the country lines found the place littered with bodies. Nigh on everyone was dead. Presumably it is those that did not die who disposed of the bodies. One day they were everywhere, the next day there were none, the cities infrastructure and buildings remain, but no one occupies them.

Playable Races: Tieflings

Bael Tureth

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