Before the Spellplague

Arreve is the largest country on the continent. The high emperor Taski, is known not only for his ruthlessness in battle, but his mastery of the Three-Sevens. Taski employed dozens of tacticians and Mages from all over the world to help with his eventual conquest not only of all Callilay but the continents of Hark, Fiateq and eventually the Inhospitable Southlands as well. Arreve has aa stranglehold on the Bay of Faerun and as such has forced panache and Haverhold to rely on trade with Arreve as middle men to conduct business with the people of Towersgaude, and the other Northern Countries. Arreve’s price tends not to be gold, but residuum which is in turn used to fuel the war machine that would attempt to dominate those nations.

The people of arrive have enjoyed much success over the last several hundred years. There nation, while not the discoverers or major developers of the arcane arts, was first to grab hold of the potential power. They have enjoyed untold luxuries as a result as people refine the art. Great strides have been made in the cities of Arreve to become the face of Callilay. It’s ports are most accessable, safest, most modern and filled with trading vessels more than capable of withstanding the dangers of the sea that seperates Callilay from her sisters. The capital, Arreve, and its sister cities, Moonhold, Kasha, Izensa, Uryat and Temv are destination cities for foreigners and dignitaries alike. They stand as a mark of food, art, and the prowess of civilization. It is these gifts that the armies of Arreve seek to share with the cities and people that they conquer.

2 Months after the Spellplague

If Arreve had one weakness, it was an over abundance of dependence on magics. While not everyone in the expansive country was a practinioner, the arts were well embraced by the poorest of citizens. As such, when a pox fell across the countryside, the poison crafters devised a clever antidote to the illness. In days it was distributed free of charge to any tax paying member of the country. Millions drank the vaccine, which was truly a liquid that remained in the blood and could be adapted from a single source to cure any disease the country was afflicted by. It was magically connected to a single font in the capital, Arreve. When the plague struck, nearly every citizen in the country had active magical components flowing through their veins. Nearly every man woman and child in the span of hundreds of miles was driven instantly mad in minutes. The sorcerers in the capital attempted to cure them through the same fluids which had damned them, but they too soon fell.

Arreve is greatly diminished now. Its cities torn down by the storms, the mad, and the looters who followed. Arreve still stands, populated by a small contingent of the poor who had not paid taxes and had been accidentally spared by fate the same doom of their neighbors. The beggar king sits on the thrown of Arreve now, with no interest in expanding the empire, merely protecting those who survived with him to discover this new found wealth. The font which controlled the vaccine has been moved to the central court yard of Arreve, and its waters glow scarlet with blue and purple veins of light. It is a monument to the hubris of a fallen empire.


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