Before the Spellplague

The land of the dragonborns has been constantly at war with the people of Bael Tureth over the lush grounds surrounding the lake Fiat. No one is sure how the people of Arkhosia gained the physical characteristics of dragons. Some assert that when the Tieflings made pacts with the devils, The Arkhosians arraqnged a similar pact with the dragons. Some say that the proud warriors tamed the dragons as a means to terrorize the tieflings, and mixed the dragons blood with their own. The tieflings often joke that the men of Arkhosia were mounted by those dragons and now their children are the polluted dragonborn.

2 Months after the Spellplague

The spellplague revealed one rumor of the secretive Arkhosia to be true: there were dragons living below the city. The plague drove those dragons mad with magic, and the dragons destroyed the city. Its destruction was quite the opposite of Bael Tureth’s. While the tieflings were destroyed and their cities remained, Arkhosia was destroyed and many dragonborn escaped into the ironspines and down towar bedlam seeking asylum. Most of those that travelled through the chaos scar to Bedlam, never arrived there, killed by the monsters inhabiting the valley. The ruins of Arkhosia have been taken over by Kobolds, the ruins making the perfect habitat for the scavengers to lay traps and hole up.

Playable races: Dragonborn


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