Before the Spellplague

Until recently, Aramad had been considered a part of the Arrevian Empire. Through diplomacy, cunning magicks and desperate warriors, they achieved their Independence. The people of Aramad were used as no more than a guard post for the bay of faerun. They received little aid from the main country, and were the first to be attacked in a naval battle against pirates or other countries hailing from across the sea. Brokering a deal with the thraces of Panachel , the freedom fighters of Aramadsent word tp the capital that Panachel had seized the northern peninsula. The troops quartered in Aramad were sent north across the bay asa first wave while the closest armaments were sent to help reqonquer the territory. In thay time Panachel’s forces slipped into Aramad’s southern shores and fortified its eastern and northern perimeters, preventing the troops of of Arreve from returning to the territory, and granting for now, its independence.

The free citizens of Aramad have chosen to be governed by a sovriegn elect, as Bedlamtown supposedly is. the elected leader sits at the court originally built for the Emperor of Arreve, in the town of Diamond Throne. Their freedom is feared to be temporary, that surely a retaliation in full force from Arreve will come, even with the threat of the Panachel armies bearing down on Arreve’s eastern flank. Only time would tell.

2 Months after the Spellplague

Time did not need to tell. At the eve of Ornate fire Arreve was crippled and Aramad’s land was swept away from the mainland on a huge tidal wave stemming a crack of thunder from the earth itself. The new island has dispatched members of the sovereign elect’s court to establish contact with the mainland, though it seems the new waters that surround the country prove to be more dangerous than ever before.


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